baby bump : wk 12

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

lace cardigan // apricot lane boutique

here's my first baby bump post! i've been really bad at remembering to take photos of the bump, but here's to the first one! i'm in that awkward stage where either i look pregnant or like i've eaten too many bagels lately... it's a mix of both i'd say haha 

How far along are you? 12 weeks! nearing the end of the 1st trimester

Maternity Clothes? Not quite yet

Sleep: LOVE sleep. I try to sleep as much as I can :)

Best moments: When we went to my first appt and saw the baby for the first time! That was at 8 weeks, so baby mehner is probably triple the size now!

Missing anything? hmm... not really.

Movement? too early to feel anything

Food Cravings: Cheese bagels and surprisingly for a while I didn't like sweets or chocolate. But it's starting to come back now that the holidays are here

Queasy or Sick?  Not really! This pregnancy has been a breeze so far. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant...

Gender: don't know yet! but we're thinking a boy

Symptoms: tired, lower back pain (already?!), peeing a lot (especially at the beginning), nausea if I don't eat often enough, but not to the point of throwing up (knock on wood!) and the dreaded acne! 

Belly Button in or Out? In

Happy or Moody? Happy :) luckily not too moody, a little emotional at random times. i cried a bit at the end of the movie Frozen hah (great movie btw!)

Looking Forward to: the end of the semester (and 1st trimester) when we'll be in Seattle for Christmas!!


  1. yay! you're the cutest!

  2. You are so cute. LOVING THIS ALREADY. cannot wait for another baby post!


  3. You are already the cutest mama blogger alive. I'm so happy for you guys!

  4. awe you sound just like me! half the time i still don't realize that i am. :)

    1. how far along are you whit?? i forgot to tell you congrats btw! :)

  5. Ekkk so cute! You have just the tiniest bump and yay for feeling good!

  6. I love the way you have this post set up. Adorable pictures my friend! Too cute!. (love your outfit!)
    It sounds like your pregnancy is going really, really well.I am so glad to hear that!
    Have a happy Wednesday!

  7. Congrats!! You are so adorable and I love reading about your pregnancy! Good luck to the both of you <3 You should also add a few questions for dad, see how he's handling it as well!

    1. thank you harmony! that's a good idea to have my husband participate - keeping that in mind :)

  8. How did I not know you were pregnant?!? Congratulations!!! :)


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