one year with colsen

Monday, July 6, 2015

on june 23rd, my baby turned ONE! we had a small birthday party to celebrate - mainly family with some friends there. we made a little cake for colsen to smash in to... which was hilarious because he didn't want to get his hands dirty! he liked the frosting and licked them off a little, but other than that, he kept trying to fling the frosting off his hands. which ended up on the kitchen floor and walls...

a photo of colsen once a week, every week for a year |  week 48

summertime in oklahoma

Monday, June 29, 2015

we drove down to oklahoma to visit kevin's family! it was so fun spending time with everyone. i hadn't been to oklahoma in the summertime yet, so it was mine and colsen's first time. we enjoyed going to the zoo, eating yummy pizza, walking around downtown and just spending lots of time with family. colsen LOVED being around all of his cousins. i think that's what made him even more mobile all of a sudden so he could keep up with the rest of the kids. once we got home, we could tell he was crawling much quicker and pulling himself up on the furniture.

a photo of colsen once a week, every week for a year | week 45

eleven months with colsen + in between

i'm playing catch up since i haven't taken the time to blog lately! the summer is keeping me busy... now that my baby is ONE (!!!) i really need to finish blogging the 52 project. 

week 42 // this was taken in california when we were waiting for our friends to be back home so we could hang out with them :) we visited san jose for a few days before going to san diego. 

week 43 // he loved playing in the sand! if we let him, he would have been content playing in it for hours. while in san diego, we went to Hotel Del Coronado and hung out on the beach for a while.  


things we learned about colsen:
+ can get himself up to a sitting position from laying down
+ knows that we crack up when he does his eye rolling thing, so he does it all the time
+ can go from laying down to sitting up by himself
+ army crawls faster
+ laughs a lot! especially does his fake laughing
+ loves to eat strawberries and blueberries
+ has 8 teeth (four on top, four on bottom)
+ likes to say "ba-bye"

a photo of colsen once a week, every week for a year | week 44 

san francisco, ca

Thursday, May 28, 2015

our first stop in california was san francisco. we didn't have too much time to spend there. the only thing we had planned for sure was touring Alcatraz. a few summers ago when we lived in california, i went to san francisco a few times, so i was able to see most of the popular tourist sites. this time around, we decided to tour alcatraz, walk around fisherman's wharf and eat at our favorite place, boudin. their sourdough bread is amazing!


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