the joys of laughter

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

sweater romper- target

it took us by surprise. kevin flicked a cloth on colsen's face while goofing around and colsen started cracking up! so of course we'd do anything to keep the giggles coming. i made sure to grab the closest phone to record it. :) i don't think colsen has ever laughed as much as he did! it was music to my ears listening to his laughter. it's funny how the most random things can humor a baby.  

a photo of colsen once a week, every week for a year | week 27

modern scrapbooking

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

i finally did it. i jumped the bandwagon and i'm SO happy i did! have you heard of chatbooks? well it's amazing and i couldn't resist sharing. it takes your instagram posts and puts them into volumes of books - it's 60 pages per book for only $6! whattt?? i'm calling it my easy modern form of scrapbooking ;) you can add the dates, locations, and comments for each image (love this!). i didn't personally want ALL of my instagram images printed in books, so i chose to just have books printed of my hashtag #ourcolsendrew. you can easily download the app to your phone and try it out yourself! to get your first book for FREE, use the code above.

**this is not a sponsored post. 
all opinions are mine and i was just excited to share a product that i love!

lessons learned : vol 2

Saturday, January 17, 2015


when almost every poopy diaper becomes a blow-out, that's your cue to move up a size.


don't skip baby's naps... and the older they get, they don't easily sleep in their car seat on the go! (the beauty of newborns...)


sleep training is your worst enemy but your best friend. in the end, it's SO worth it and everyone in the family gets their sleep and is happy.


remember to switch sides when you hold your baby. my left side of my back is incredibly tight verses my right side!


don't swaddle our future babies... it was quite the task weaning colsen from being swaddled


nursing pads are a must once your baby sleeps through the night. you don't want to wake up in a puddle of your milk the next morning!


when teething rolls around, go to the store and buy hyland teething tablets- it will ease the pain for baby and keep you sane! 

this is my life

Friday, January 16, 2015

check out his little hairs poking up! ;)
striped sweater romper- target
...and that sweet serious face of his... (insert heart eyes emoticon here)

life is pretty slow around here these days. most of the time the living room is covered with toys and and misplaced baby socks and shoes. the kitchen is a different story with bread crumbs and such covering his new highchair and clean dishes waiting to be put away (not to mention the dirty ones waiting in the sink as well...) sometimes i don't get to shower in the morning because during naptime i have different options of things to check off my to-do list, and usually i pick other things over my hair and body being washed.
this winter weather hasn't been so bad, but i'm still a wimp when it comes to the cold. i'd rather stay inside than go run errands if it meant i could be warm and not get dressed and ready for the day. ;) so some days, i don't even step outside our front door and smell the fresh crisp air outside. do i get stir crazy? yes, sometimes i do. yesterday kevin worked from home and got a glimpse of my daily life with colsen and said to me "i can see how you get stir crazy after a while..." and the next thing i knew, he was calling the day spa to book my mother's day gift from last year. bless his heart - how did i get so lucky? that full body massage was heavenly. i left the spa in a daze and it got even better as i was driving home and i watched the sun set over the mountains and reflecting on the lake in the distance. i literally daydreamed of being on a warm beach in a tropical place watching the sun setting down the horizon... i think it's time to plan a vacation. or you could say i'm ready for the springtime to come now.

sometimes i'm not funny enough

Thursday, January 15, 2015

i tried all kinds of things to try to get him to smile but he simply wasn't in the mood.  to be honest, he's not a big giggler, more like a squealer. he smiles all the time, at least for me and his daddy he does ;) but when it comes to meeting new faces he tends to just stare. if you try reeeaally hard he might give you a smile- the one where his cheeks look like they're filled with marshmallows and his two little teeth show right in the middle of it. that's my favorite smile of his. 

a photo of colsen once a week, every week for a year | week 26

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